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There is a wide range of luxury hotels of world class and best price hotel options around the venue in Istanbul.


One of the most well-connected international airports in the world. Public transport in Istanbul comprises an extensive bus network, various rail systems, funiculars, taxis and maritime services.


108 countries all around the world are able to visit Turkey without wasting time for visa procedures.


Turkish currency is the Turkish Lira, TL.
Major credit cards including American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in large hotels, car rental companies and major stores.


GMT+2 (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time)


There is a wide choice of restaurants in Istanbul offering a broad spectrum ranging from excellent national cuisine to first class international dishes. Traditional Turkish cuisine is famous for its many specialties prepared with fresh vegetables. There are lots of quality restaurants as well as fast-food shops in the vicinity of the hotels reserved for this meeting.


One of the most enjoyable parts of a trip to Turkey is shopping for the rich variety of Turkish crafts. Istanbul is a shopping paradise with its Covered Bazaar as well as the modern malls. Handmade jewelry, carpets, kilims, textiles and brass & copperware are typical of the country.


Pay phones and credit card phones are available at the meeting venue as well as in the city.


The electrical power supply in Turkey is 220 volts.


Currency is the Turkish Lira. Foreign money can be changed by banks during working days (09.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday) as well as hotels, exchange offices. Exchange rates are set daily by the Central Bank. All major credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, restaurants and shops. Automated bank machines are available at many points throughout the city and the airport.


The conference participants are not covered by any insurance (travel, medical, accident or liability) provided by the Conference Organizers. The Conference Organizers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage suffered by any participant or accompanying person or other person during travel to and from the conference or during the conference. Participants are advised to consider getting their own travel insurance and to extend their personal policy to cover personal possessions.

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📢 #AskeriRadar ve #SınırGüvenliği alanında ülkemizde geliştirilen yüksek teknoloji ürünler ve çözümler 2-3 Ekim tarihlerinde #MRBS ile @Ankara'da!

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